Lágrimas de Medina Albaida

Welcome to the world of olive oil.

Cold extraction and first pressing, to obtain a Premium oil, extra virgin olive oil, with its color, aroma and flavor taken to its maximum expression, ideal to consume in crude. Early collection at the beginning of October.

Extra Virgin oil Medina Albaida born from Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki and Sikitita olives varieties they grow and mature in our olive plantations in the foothills of the river Ebro, passing through La Cartuja Baja (Zaragoza).

The fruit of olives are collected at optimum ripeness and immediately after grinding to maintain maximum expression in color, flavor and natural flavors.

The delicate and handmade treatment as well as the careful cleanliness during the entire extraction process and the later bottling in attractive and original glass bottles give as a result an olive oil that preserves a perfect balance in the organoleptic properties (fruity, bitter and spicy notes, seasoned with almond essence) that makes our Lagrimas de Medina Albaida a healthy and exquisite food.

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Lágrimas de Medina Albaida is a product of Agroindustrial Ayerbe.
Paseo del Canal Imperial km. 96 | 50720 La Cartuja (Zaragoza - Spain)
TEL. +34 976 500 864 | FAX. +34 976 500 865

Lágrimas de Medina Albaida    Lágrimas de Medina Albaida Lágrimas de Medina Albaida